see through window graphics

See through window graphics print on perforated film which is the most commonly understood method of creating one-way graphics. The one-way effect is be achieved in two ways; the first option is to print directly onto the film using traditional CMYK colour printing process. The alternative is to print the image in reverse onto the back of the film, followed by a layer of white ink, then a layer of black. This process ensures that the graphics are visible from the outside while the view is maintained from the interior.

Once it is digitally printed with your message and installed you are able see out but people cannot see in clearly. A perforated film is a very cost effective way to increase privacy with the added benefit of using free space to promote your business. High impact window graphics that are see-through also have the added benefit of reducing heat and glare from the sun.

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  • Large Window Areas

  • Shopping Centers

  • Retail spaces

  • Residential uses

  • Office spaces

  • Schools and universities

  • Privacy without blocking light or view

  • Creative space over unused glass

  • Use of large window areas for marketing opportunities

  • Creating prominent advertising